I'm Ira, a coach and and goal-oriented runner

I am a certified professional coach and certified running coach and personal trainer, and I think that years of experience with coachees and customers with their different starting points, has created a good foundation for planning individual and systematic training. I am currently studying to become a professional coach in Varala, Tampere.

I am also a goal-oriented runner myself, and I know, that with versatile and comprehensive training, combined with a proper and healthy diet, you can achieve almost anything. Stress injuries have taught me that in addition to understand the importance of rest, it is important to find out the fundamental reasons behind them. Above all, the most important thing is to manage the big picture and bear in mind every parts of it, cause that is the key to achieve your goals. Finally the whole matters.

I coach Juoksuliike Pirkkola running group on Tuesdays in Pirkkola, in Helsinki, and running group Juoksuliike Puolarmaari in Puolarmaari, in Espoo on Wednesdays. Training of Juoksuliike Puolarmaari running group is having a break during the wintertime. Juoksuliike has basically sessions all year round, in Pirkkola and Pasila in Helsinki, and in Puolarmaari, in Espoo. For additional information please contact

I'm coaching advanced runners at Juoksuklubi group 3 at Espoo Tapiot. I'm also a personal trainer at Liikku

Please ask more and let's start work together to reach your goals! Email: irahassinen@gmail.com

According to my coaching philosophy, and knowing that the endurance running requires a hard work, it's important to remember that there is also something else in your life than just running, training and races. When you stay healthy, regular and long-term training will be rewarded before long.  When you have goal-oriented training, you don't have to make compromises as long as you remember to rest and recover enough. Also the timing of training is important when achieving the goals.

Training should be fun and motivating, even though it isn't always as fun as usually. In rainy or slushy weather it doesn't feel so nice to go for run, but after training, the feeling is rarely annoyed.

My achievements:

• 11 x marathons, several half marathons, several 10K races

• Personal Bests: 3:52'32 (Espoo rantamarathon, Espoo), 1:46'30 (half marathon, Praha), 46'36 (10K, Midnight Run, Helsinki), 22:34 (5K, Kaisaniemi Run, Helsinki)

• 2x HC Doubles (marathon+half marathon in the same race), 1x ultra trail marathon (55 km)

• Han Moo Do 1. dan 2005


• Certified Professional Coach at Varala, 2024

• Certified Running Coach by Finnish Athletics Federation, 3. level, 2016

• Trainer4You Nutrition Coach, 2023 

• Fustra Personal Trainer, 2014

• PTCA Personal Trainer, 2014

• FAF Running Trainer, 2014

• Trainer4You Wellbeing Coach, 2011

• Master of Arts, 2010 (University of Tampere)

• Bachelor of Social Sciences, 2008 (University of Tampere)

• Educated masseuse, 2007 (Eurosport Massage, Tampere)


• Professional Coach/ Further Vocational Qualification for coaching, 2024

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