10 sessions done with Ira to get started at gym. Ira helped me to get gym routine established. My condition improved during the time. Very good program, with options for some exercises, adapted to my initial level and with possibilities to grow. Clear to follow up with an App. Thank you Ira!

Man, 40+


Running training of Juoksuliike is the highlight of the week. Training include always a good combination of warm-up and running exercise. Coach Ira is skillful and encouraging and the atmosphere is nice and relaxed. The group is also nice. Thank you.

Woman, 50+

At first I wondered if I dared  to come to running training of Juoksuliike, cause I feel myself slow and clumsy. I went and i was immediately hooked the first time! Training is the highlight of the week for me and I always want to go to training even though it'd be bad weather and cause of the travel time. Feeling after running training is awesome: you want to sign up for all possible running events! I started training in the spring and after few months my condition improved so much that I participated in a half marathon in this autumn. I recommend this to everyone. And coach is wonderful.

Woman, 50+

Ira has been my coach since 2019 and I have run three marathons during this time. The finish time has improved every time. This year I a reached a new half marathon record. The coaching is reciprocal, which means I could always be in touch if there was something to ask. Ira makes a personal running program that takes into account, for example, other expenses that are repeating every week, so that the training is as easy as possible. Ira has also made me gym programs which support running. Ira's style is not to make runner run as much as possible. But the most important thing is to manage the big picture and bear in mind every parts of it, cause that is the key to achieve the goals. Even though my results have improved, there hasn't been any stress injuries. Ira tell also directly if the coachee is training too hard. Due to the rising progressing, I can only warmly recommend!

Woman, 40+

My goal is run my first half marathon so I bought coaching to reach my goal. The training gave me a good feeling and it took into account my other hobbies such as gym training and recovering from training 🙂 Communication with the coach was flowing and I was always able to get in touch when I had questions related to training. The coach was very competent and the interaction with her was functional. As a result, I achieved my own record of 1.47 in the half marathon, and I am very satisfied with that. I can definitely recommend this 🙂 "

Man, 35+

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