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I am an educated coach and I have been coaching goal-oriented runners and adult runners with different levels and goals for more than seven years. I'm also Personal Trainer. I think that years of experience with coachees and customers with their different starting points, has created a good foundation for planning individual and systematic training. I am currently studying to become a professional coach in Varala, Tampere.

I am also a goal-oriented runner myself, and I know, that with versatile and comprehensive training, combined with a proper and healthy diet, you can achieve anything. Stress injuries have taught me that in addition to understand the importance of rest, it is important to find out the fundamental reasons behind them. Above all, the most important thing is to manage the big picture and bear in mind every parts of it, cause that is the key to achieve your goals. Finally the whole matters.

I'm also a Personal Trainer at Liikku. So if you need a coach for gym training, I'm here for you too. 

Remote coaching is also available. If you need a Running Coach or Personal Trainer, just send me by email (irahassinen(at) or by social media (Instagram - iRunners juoksuvalmennus, Facebook and LinkedIn for further info!